Crissy Moran's Stocking Tease (2006)

Sexy Crissy works at her desk in a skirt and blouse with glasses and off-black RHT stockings and open toe slingbacks! She talks to you as she gives up-skirt peeks under the desk at her stocking tops and lacy panties nice and slowly while pulling her skirt up and down and sliding her legs together. Posing her legs on the desk, she slips her shoes off to show you her feet and a small run in her hose on the toe. Slipping the heels back on, she crosses and uncrosses her legs before getting up to remove her glasses and clothes, revealing a nice bra, garter, and full bottom lacy panties on her gorgeous ass! Then it's more great long slow teasing as she bends over and models her stockings, lingerie, and sexy body for you. Taking off her panties, she poses on the desk, showing you her neatly trimmed pussy and sexy ass. After awhile, she takes off her heels and stockings to try on taupe sheer FF stockings and the heels! Slowly, she bends over, poses, and cross her legs as she looks at you before modeling over the camera, and then doggie on the desk as she starts to finger herself and talk dirty a bit. Flipping over, she takes the heels off and poses her legs in the air as she fingers herself and looks at you as she gets off.